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Get matched with full-time jobs, freelance work, and moonlight gigs that meet your requirements.

See curated opportunities from hundreds of incredible companies

We search the universe of possibilities for you.

Stop wasting time with job boards, recruiters, and applying directly to companies.

Laskie will match you with opportunities you want at companies that are interested in you.

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Moonlight gigs
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Get matched with remote, flexible or in-office work based on your preferences.
One simple platform
You work with Laskie. We work with dozens of platforms and hundreds of recruiters to save you time.
More career options
Your dedicated Laskie rep will help you learn about new opportunities and career paths.

One experience that combines all the best ways to find full-time jobs, freelance work, and moonlight gigs.

Companies applying to you

Only invest your time with vetted companies that are interested in you and match your requirements.

Network of scouts and recruiters

We work with hundreds of recruiters and scouts that will help us find the best matches for you.

Partnerships and integrations

We work with the major job boards and platforms to dramatically simplify your job search.

A hiring process that puts your needs over the company .

We work with companies that care about developing a world-class hiring process.

Laskie helps them adopt the best practices that create a fair and efficient experience for you.

Have visibility into the process

Know exactly where you stand. Laskie works with companies to keep you informed of your status and next steps.

Avoid companies with bad hiring practices

We won't match you with companies that have a track record of bad candidate experiences.

Only talk to companies that want you

Spend time in the interview process with companies that have a high probability of making you an offer.

See opportunities curated for you

There are thousands of possible opportunities for you to explore. Only see ones that are a good match.

In 5 minutes you can get matched with curated opportunities

Get paired with a dedicated Laskie rep who will help you navigate the process.

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