Our founding team is a group of business owners and freelancers who have felt the pain of traditional freelancing on both sides.

As buyers, we’ve spent tens of millions of dollars on freelancers over the last 10 years. We’ve dealt with offline staffing agencies, and spent hours filtering through low-skill, noisy marketplaces to find the best people. Hiring, assessing, and retaining freelancers is hard. We were constantly questioning, “what do we actually get for our money?” Pricing was a new song-and-dance with every contract, and we found ourselves wasting valuable time negotiating every detail of the project, payments, and timeline.

As experts and freelancers, it’s tough to find the right, high-quality clients. Marketing and sales were always a challenge. How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition? How do we actually win clients? How much free advice should we be giving before we start charging a client? Does the client have realistic expectations on their timeline? Will we even get paid at the end of the day?

We created Laskie to create a better way for both companies and expert freelancers.

Scaling your company with freelance help should be as simple as buying something from your favorite ecommerce store. Clear description. Set price. Clear delivery time. Trust on both sides.

We’re helping companies move faster than ever, and creating opportunities for expert freelancers to work with top clients and grow their businesses.

Excited to work with you.

The Laskie team