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Get matched with vetted candidates that are looking for full-time, freelance and moonlight work.

One platform, many channels
Source talent from the top job sites, a network of hundreds of recruiters, and targeted outreach.
Remote and on-site
We specialize in remote hiring but can also help fill on-site and flexible roles.
All your options
Extension of your team
Laskie can build your talent strategy, run your recruiting processes, and help you implement hiring best practices.

Get matched with vetted talent looking for work.

We use assessments, data science, and a human-powered screening process to match you with the right people.

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Monthly price per job

Price per hire
20% of first year salary
Contract term
Vetted talent matching
Access to recruiter network
Access to referrals network
Talent comparisons
Email notifications



Monthly price per job

Price per hire
12% of first year salary
Interviews per week
3 on average
Contract term
Everything in the Free plan plus:
Dedicated Laskie recruiters
Inbound and outbound sourcing
Custom outbound campaigns
Reporting and analytics
Slack and ATS integrations
Advisory services

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